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Hi Everybody!!!

The next CP is September 20th!!!  New Venue with less tickets available so sign up now!!!


And the one after that is a RARE 2nd Saturday of the month, October 11th


My intention in becoming a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator was to heal myself & others of past trauma’s and to create a space where people can give and receive safe and healing touch while staying conscious – we DO NOT have drugs, alcohol or sex at CP!!! What we create is innocent intimacy!!! Something MANY of us never got to experience in childhood!!

We start our CP by going over The Rules Of Cuddling (for example Rules #1 is NO ONE GETS NAKED!!!) and playing some icebreaker games so that people get over any fears they may have had at connecting with a new group of people.

We have a friendly and community oriented group of regulars which has the effect of having new people get over being nervous, pretty quick!! Usually we’ll have about half new people and half or more frequent cuddlers. About 30 usually attend in our current location.

Although I no longer gender balance, I do have a strong intention that our numbers are fairly even and it almost always turns out that way. Sometimes we have a few more men, sometimes a few more women. It never works exactly even because there are always a few people who either drop out or join in last minute – IF there’s space!!! There are usually plenty of men and women!!! Whether you’re married, single, straight, gay, mono, poly, etc., wanting to make more friends and community or anything in between, want to learn and practice better communication skills, looking for an alternative to the typical Santa Rosa dating, Sebastopol dating, Bay Area dating or San Francisco dating scene, you’ll be glad you checked us out!!! Ages at our parties range from 20′s to 70′s with the typical bell curve of mostly 30’s-60’s. The more friends you bring with you in your age group, the more people you’ll have your age there (if that’s of concern to you).  Come and have fun in Sonoma County!!!

I don’t teach tolerance. That’s too small of a game for me. I teach INCLUSION, ACCEPTANCE and LOVE!!!

We post our Cuddle Parties on MANY sites lists AND we send out an email to our list FIRST. If you want to have first opportunity to find out about our cuddle parties AND other upcoming events, please e-mail me at sujata(at) and I’ll add you to my “first priority” list.

We usually hold regular Cuddle Parties every other 3rd Saturday evening from 5-9pm!!

Our events are held in a home with a  living room/dining room adjacent, in central Santa Rosa. We e-mail (by hand) confirmation and address after you register and within at least a few days before the actual party. I run a tight ship and the address remains private for your safety!! As a result, we don’t have party crashers nor have I EVER, in over 5 years, asked anyone to leave!!!

We also have a work exchange program limited to participants who have already attended at least one of our parties. Also sometimes I’m willing to do trades for bodywork, housework, etc. Contact me if that interests you.

Want to know more about me?

Also please join our meet up group for info on other fun, local and frequently free, events!!! Often we have events there that aren’t listed elsewhere!!! Also, you can connect with people for carpools if you’re from out of the area!!! What I’m committed to is creating a healthy, conscious community. Creating the meet up group has been an excellent tool for us to get to know each other and fulfill on that commitment.


We look forward to meeting you!!!


Sujata and the Cuddle Party Sonoma County Team!!!



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