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Video: 2010 Facilitator Gathering

Finally! Videos from the 2010 Facilitator Gathering in Oakland CA.

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Here you will find a little history, updates as of 2010, how we support each other as community, lots about sex and gender as it relates to CP, a new ‘Gateway’ workshop you can take home and use right away, how to coordinate with other Facilitators in your region – so you all get more participants – and a whole hour on promotion and marketing.

These videos are of the presentations – what you don’t see is all the cuddling, discussion, brainstorming, sharing and good food – sorry!


First, just for fun – a Teaser! (1 min): (because I was teaching myself how to use iMovie)


Intro, part 1 – 26 min: How we got here, a little history, becoming a non-profit, what is happening with trainings and what may be in store, and the – woo hoo! – brand new CP website and what is now possible.

Intro, part 2 – 23 min:
Advisory board, new Welcome Circle, community support, including possible next gatherings, monthly facilitator calls, and more.

Intro, part 3 – 12 min:
A few challenges we have been through and themes that we notice with the Facilitator community – ‘sexual energy’ in CP (and what that means), How to coordinate with other Facilitators, Marketing and getting people to your events, how CP has grown.

Gateway Workshop – 35 min:
Len describes a simple 2 hour workshop or introduction that all facilitators can take home and use right away, however they like. As CP facilitators, you already have the skills for these events. Adapt them to any situation you like.

Promo and marketing – 1 hour:
Reid and Marcia talk about some principles, what’s been done, and brainstorm some ideas.


Sex and gender, part 1 – 37 min: Betty starts with defining sex and gender, including the crucial distinction between touch and sex, and some discussion.


Sex and gender, part 2 – 26 min: What it has to do with Cuddle Party, varying approaches to ‘where is the line’ and some examples from previous events, with discussion.


Sex and gender, part 3 – 8 min: Gender balancing your events – pro’s and con’s (mostly cons).


Regional collaboration – 1 hour: How to collaborate with other facilitators in your area, why there is no such thing as competition, and how to make the best use of your community so you all have better events.






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