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Las Vegas, Nevada

Oh Yes, oh yes… at last CUDDLING IN LAS VEGAS!!!


We are Bob & Jamie, your Certified Cuddle Facilitators hosting several Cuddle Party Workshops a month for the entire Las Vegas Valley.

After just one Cuddle Party experience, we were hooked and just knew we had to bring this amazing opportunity to Las Vegas.

We are an open, progressive, New Thought Couple that believes in the magnificent effects of Human Touch. It is extremely healthy to need touch. Touch is a vital component to living a healthy and joyous life…it relieves stress, supports connection, brings more oxytocin into your system…which is considered the “happy drug”…free from any negative side effects!!! Some therapists are recommending it to their clients even…no hugging at work or sometimes not even between friends…so here is a safe container place where you can connect, cuddle and learn.

It surprises so many of our Cuddlers who thought they really knew how to ask for what they want and end up laughing at themselves on how difficult that asking can be at times!

Connect with us on Meet-up: vegascuddleparty.com

You can also join our mailing list by emailing us: sourceconnectionslv@gmail.com

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