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Yes, Seattle has Cuddle Parties!

We try to host one every 3-4 weeks, and usually make it. We have a friendly and welcoming group of returning regulars – our varsity cuddlers – and of course we always welcome new folks too. Typically we’ll have about half new people.

We do not gender balance here in Seattle. First of all, it doesn’t matter because we all have a wonderful time, and second, it never works anyway because there are always a few people who either drop out or join in last minute. We gave up trying to make the numbers match.

Even so, we usually are in the ball park of being numbers balanced. Sometimes more men, sometimes more women. We welcome all ages, genders and orientations. Ages at our parties range from 20′s to 70′s.

We have a Meet-up page . . .

And a Facebook group called Seattle Cuddle Party.

We post our Cuddle Parties on those sites AND we send out an email to our list.

Join our email list here.


Listen to Meg on a recent radio interview (2 min):  http://picosong.com/jtzQ/


Our Seattle facilitators are Meg Hunter and Betty Martin. Mary Hart and Alison Butler are also facilitators, and are on vacation for a while.

Betty’s events are held at her home, near 23rd and Jackson St. in Seattle. Meg’s are sometimes at Betty’s and sometimes at a studio in North Seattle.

Thanks, and we hope you join us!

Meg, Betty, Mary and Alison