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About Reid and Marcia

People have been cuddling since time began – thank goodness!

Reid and Marcia are the co-creators of Cuddle Party as a structured format where people safely learn and enjoy communicating their interests and limits, and exploring consensual non-sexual touch and affection.

They started Cuddle Party back in 2004 out of their tiny Manhattan apartment. Marcia currently serves on the Board of Directors and is one of the trainers for certifying new facilitators; Reid has moved on to other projects. Both of them still host Cuddle Parties.

About Reid

Reid Mihalko is bi-coastal sex and relationship educator, speaker, workshop designer, facilitator, and writer. Charismatic, with an almost magical ability to connect with people quickly and easily, Reid uses his gift of humor and keen insight to make people feel safe and allow them permission to explore their relationships, their sexuality, and themselves more deeply. Whether speaking to a group, appearing on television, coaching one-on-one, or consulting with the media, Reid’s caring, integrity and belief that people deserve to lead fulfilling, healthy lives shows.

As a coach and co-creator of Cuddle Party, his mission has been to teach men and women how to create safe space for themselves and one another, in order to be more fully self-expressed, intimate, related and playful. A graduate of Brown University’s Fine Arts program, Reid began his career working as an actor, producer, writer and comic book artist, thematically centering his projects around relationships and sexuality. Over ten years of martial arts training eventually led him to explore healing arts and massage. He has also received extensive leadership and coaching training through organizations such as Landmark Education.

REiD tries getting a verbal yes from a banana slug.

Reid has been a featured speaker at dozens of conferences on relationships and sexuality. He has also appeared on the Montel Williams show, Fox News,

Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!, the Sex Files, Sex TV, and Life & Style, on NPR, Maxim radio, and Cosmo radio, and in Marie Claire, GQ, People, Newsweek and the National Enquirer. Reid continues to write for film and television and lives in New York and Los Angeles.

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About Marcia

Marcia Baczynski is a consultant, educator, and coach who is passionate about providing the world with better tools for relationships and sexuality, and empowering people to use them. An expert in gender dynamics, sexuality and interpersonal communication, she combines a keen analytical ability with warm personal skills to provide her clients and students with new knowledge, a new sense of empowerment and a deep knowledge of self.

As co-creator of Cuddle Party, Marcia has worked with thousands of people, teaching them about boundary-setting, non-sexual intimacy, and effective interpersonal communication. As a consultant, she works with

Marcia and REiD conferring during a Cuddle Party.

clients to create sex-positive programming for media and educational settings, bringing her savvy and insight about race, gender and sexual representations to the table. As a coach, Marcia works with individuals and couples to create the kinds of relationships they want, with a focus on transition.

Marcia is a graduate of the Grady College at the University of Georgia, where she studied media, history and women’s studies, and received a degree in public relations. She is a regular guest lecturer on sex and gender at CUNY, and has been a featured speaker at countless conferences on relationships and sexuality.

Marcia has appeared on the Montel Williams show, Fox News, Penn & Teller’s Bullshit, the Sex Files, Sex TV, and Life & Style, on NPR, Maxim radio, and Cosmo radio, and in Marie Claire, GQ, People, and Newsweek. She lives in New York and travels regularly.

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